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Our Physiotherapy Staff

Greenwood Physio in Auckland, New Zealand takes great pride in our friendly, reliable and highly experienced staff. Get to know them better by reading their profiles.

Anna Elliot-Forster BHsc (Physio), PGDip Acupuncture


Anna has completed her Physiotherapy Masters in Clinical Practice and Acupuncture. She enjoys the diversity of physiotherapy and the challenges presented by a wide range of conditions. She has a special interest in muscle imbalance retraining and differential diagnosis for both acute and chronic conditions. She uses a combination of traditional physiotherapy, Pilates and acupuncture to design a treatment plan that is best suited to the individual’s needs and goals.

Nadia Richards BHSc (Physiotherapy), MPrac (Rehabilitation), PGCert (Acupuncture)


Nadia has over 12 years experience as a physiotherapist. She has completed her Physiotherapy Masters in Rehabilitation and Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture. Nadia is a Stability Plus Qualified Pilates Instructor and has an APPI certificate in Ante and Post Natal Pilates. Nadia has a hands on approach, and a special interest in using a combination of tailored exercise prescription and Pilates to help people rehabilitate from acute and chronic injuries.


Leto Women's Health - Rebecca Dodson


Rebecca has over 20 years experience in physiotherapy and completed

Post-Graduate training in Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy,

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Women’s Health.

Womens Health Physiotherapy Services include assessment and treatment of:

- Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Bladder & Bowel urgency, frequency  

   incontinence, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain

- Pre and Postnatal Rehabilitation and Exercise Programming

- Pre and Post Abdominal/Gynecological Surgery Rehabilitation

- Low back / Sciatica / Hip / Groin pain

- Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction/Pelvic Arthropathy

- Abdominal Separation (Diastasis Recti)

- Other Pregnancy and Postnatal Musculoskeletal Complaints

Renu Cormack DipPhty, PGDip MT, PGCert Acpt


Renu has over 25 years experience as a physiotherapist. She is NZ trained and qualified and has completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Physiotherapy, Postgraduate Certificate in acupuncture and is a qualified Pilates instructor. Renus' special area of interest over the last 20 years has been in acupuncture and dry needling where she has experience in treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Renu uses a patient centred approach and will incorporate all her physio skills in treatment.

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